Alexander Weidle

Alexander Weidle, M.Ed.

associate researcher
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About the Person

2011–2017 Studies in History, German and Educational Sciences for high school teaching at the University of Augsburg (1. Staatsexamen 2017); 2017–2018 teacher-related master’s degree at the University of Augsburg with study abroad at the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań (Poland). 2019–2020 research associate at the Bukowina-Institute at the University of Augsburg, project manager of the Oral History project »Bukowina-Germans. Inventions, Experiences and Stories of a Community« (partial funding BKM). Since 2021 doctoral scholarship holder of the Cusanuswerk, working title of the dissertation »Institutionalized Memory and its Limits. The Landsmannschaft and the Life Stories of the Buchenland Germans«. Since October 2021 research assistant in the project »Turning Object into Subject. Communicating Jewish Everyday Culture in Germany« at the Leibniz-Institute for Jewish History and Culture – Simon Dubnow.

Since February 2022 associated researcher in the department »Culture and Imagination« at the GWZO.

Work Focus

  • Memory Cultures Oral History
  • History of Migration and Forced Migration in the Modern Age, »Flight and Expulsion«
  • Nationalism

Functions and Memberships

2020-2022 Member of the Editorial Conference, »Danubiana Carpathica. Jahrbuch für Geschichte und Kultur in den deutschen Siedlungsgebieten Südosteuropas (DeGruyter)«.


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