Das GWZO präsentiert seine Neuerscheinungen auf der Leipziger Buchmesse

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Knowledge Transfer

Carrying Knowledge about Eastern Europe into the World

The GWZO has been developing transfer forms to bring its research results to the public for many years: curated film series and exciting academic cinema, informative podcast radio on research topics and both large and small exhibitions, shown in museums, galleries and cultural institutions in Germany and the world. And of course books: specialist and non-fiction books, practical manuals, instructive standard works. The Institute also hosts events, conferences, workshops for various audiences as well as educational events, from university teaching to summer and winter schools for young researchers, as well as »science events« for the entire city. This rich variety of forms of knowledge transfer has gained the GWZO renown not just in its local Middle Germany, but far beyond Germany’s borders, especially in our research region. 


Forms of Knowledge Transfer

Will you join us for presentations and discussions?

The GWZO calendar gives details about events held at the Institute and elsewhere with cooperative partners.

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Flyer zur GWZO-Zentralveranstaltung Oskar-Halecki-Vorlesung

Giving insights into Eastern Euope a voice

In our media library, you can listen and view afresh what can be learned from the media with the help of experts on Eastern Europe. You can also find out podcast – created in the series Forschungsquartett of the online radio detektor.fm – in the same place.

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Passing on knowledge

The GWZO passes on the knowledge gained at its Institute in many ways: with university lectures and seminars, with summer and winter schools for students and PhD candidates, with Girls’ Day, the »Long Night of Scholarship« and podium discussions at the Leipzig Book Fair and DOK Leipzig. The page on teaching gives details about the researchers’ respective university offerings.

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Lehrveranstaltung im Seminarraum des GWZO

Mitropa – a good read

Our annual magazine Mitropa offers more than an overview of our research programme’s topics. With a sophisticated design and interesting visual material, it offers aesthetic enjoyment at first glance – and just wait until you dig into the texts…Available through Open Access here online – or order the current number!

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Die Mitropa - seit 2010 hat das GWZO ein hoch geschätztes Jahresheft

Making research results directly accessible

The Institute’s staff members publish their research results in the serials published by the GWZO and in other places pertinent to East Europe studies. Several GWZO serials appear directly in open access – first in the »ideal version« of direct online access and then in print. Texts from the last few years can be accessed in the GWZO’s publication data base.

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Die Reihe Studia Jagellonica Lipsiensia

Encountering the history and culture of Eastern Europe in museums…

…something you can do again and again in one of the smaller or larger exhibitions of the art houses of European metropolises, or in transit – in one of the region’s travelling exhibitions. For more details about the exhibitions initiated, curated or academically supported by the GWZO, explore our exhibition calendar.

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Führung in einer GWZO-Ausstellung

Books on Eastern Europe –

the GWZO is a great place to look. The GWZO’s on-site library holds exciting repositories of knowledge between two covers and in the world wide web. 

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Die Bibliothek des GWZO - Wissen finden

Learning more about Eastern Europe in the virtual world

With digital exhibitions, virtual archives and knowledge resources on the web, the GWZO invites you to browse its inventories of knowledge online as well.

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