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Employee Representation

The GWZO’s works council is a body to represent the interests of the Institute’s employees and facilitate their participation. The Works Constitution Act forms the basis of a works council’s activities at the GWZO. Unlike at universities and other institutions of public law, the GWZO has a works and not a staff council, as the Institute is organised under private law. Since it is moreover an academic proselytising body, the employee representation’s participatory possibilities are limited. It negotiates with the Institute’s management in the employees’ interests about works agreements and gives approval and recognition to individual staffing measures.

The Works Council

The five members of the works council are elected by GWZO employees in the national election period of four years. Once a quarter, the council holds a works assembly at the GWZO at which it provides information about its activities and takes up the staff’s wishes and concerns. Employees can, of course, approach the works council at any time outside of these assemblies as well. The works council communicates within the framework of works and staff council meetings of the Leibniz Institute on the state and federal level. Its members take part in suitable training measures for works council work.


Chair of the Works Council