Prof. Dr. Iryna Haiuk

01.12.2022 - 28.02.2023

Cultural Studies


GWZO Special Scholarship for Ukrainian Refugee Researchers

Research topic:
The specifics of the new ethnocultural identity of the Armenian diaspora in Ukraine in the historical context



L’viv National Academy of Arts, Ukraine

Research regions

  • Ukraine
  • Eastern Europe

Research focus

The Ethnocultural Identity of the Armenian Diaspora in Ukraine in the Historical Context

Publications (selection)

  • Hayuk, I. (2012). Illustrated Encyclopedia of Armenian culture in Ukraine. With a cataloged list of monuments of Armenian culture in museums and nature reserves: monograph. Lviv: Afisha;
  • Hayuk, I. (2016). Khachkars in the symbolic field of Armenian culture. Culture and modernity: Almanac, series "Cultural Studies", No. 1, 16-22. Kiev: Millennium
  • Hayuk, I. (2019). Culture of the Armenian diaspora in Ukraine: historical discourse. Monograph. Lviv: Prostor-M LLC. ;
  • Hayuk, І. (2019). Myth and simulacrum: points of intersection / Articles of the international round table "History of religions in Ukraine". Lviv: Logos, Pp. 218-232.
  • Hayuk, I. (2020). Collecting in the Environment of the Armenian Diaspora of the Eastern Europe. Art of the Armenian Diaspora, ed. by Waldemar Deluga. Warsaw–Toruń: Polish institute of World Art studies & Tako publishing house. Vol. XX. P. 91-98.

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