Alena Pantiukhina, PhD

02.01.2023 - 01.04.2023

Literary Studies


GWZO Scholarship


Research topic at the GWZO

"Topography and trauma of Ukraine in the prose of F. Gorenstein"

Research regions

  • Russia
  • Ukraine

Research focuses

  • Russian literature
  • historical narratives
  • postcolonial and transcultural studies

Publications (selection)

  • Thesis. Historical conceptions in the novel about modernity (F. Gorenstein, V. Sharov, M. Shishkin). Tomsk, 2020.
  • Pantuhina A. Myth and Document in M. Shishkin's novel "Maidenhair" // Philology and Culture. Philology and Culture. 2021. No. 3 (65). p. 129-134.
  • Pantuhina A. I. The myth of patience in the novel by V. Sharov "The Raising of Lazarus" // Russian literature in the twentieth century: names, problems, cultural dialogue. Issue. 11: Patience: artistic interpretation and creative practice in Russian literature of the twentieth century. Tomsk, 2021.